A Teacher in Your Corner...

Helping Your Family!

Have you ever wished you had an experienced classroom teacher on-call anytime to help with questions about your child? Someone on-call to give advice about your child's learning, social development, behavior, homework, study habits and more...

The Teacherman is your always-on-call, personal education advisor...an insurance policy that no matter what arises in the  you will have someone to call upon for consultation. 

Who is the Teacherman?

The Teacherman is Matt Bowling, a creative, energetic experienced teacher ready to help. I taught Kindergarten-5th graders for more than ten years in public and private schools in Palo Alto, Cambridge and Chicago before designing and opening the Kidizens! after-school social studies program where kids build LEGO model cities and govern them. Learn more about The Teacherman's career, methods and innovations here...

What Can the Teacherman Help You With?

*Advice for parents about their child at home or at school

*Providing more challenging work for your child

*Motivating your child to love writing, math and reading

*How to deal with difficult teachers and school administration

*Behavior management at school and at home

*Making chores and bedtime/morning routines more fun

*Reading skills and book selection

*Setting up a smooth and fun homework routine

*Penmanship, neatness and taking pride in one's work

*Learning disabilities

*Difficulties making friends at school or extreme shyness

*Homework help and help/editing with written assignments

*Help for "Homeschool Parents" on curriculum design

How Does it Work?

Sign up to meet with The Teacherman for a One Hour Initial Consultation.  During this meeting we will attempt to come up with a "Big Plan" for your child.  


*Initial One-Hour Consultation is just $30

*Each additional hour (that day or later on) is $50

*You can also purchase unlimited emails for a month after the initial consultation for $10.  I will always respond to each email within 24 hours.

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The Teacherman gives advice about your child's learning, social development, behavior, homework, and study habits


Topics You Are Interested in Getting Help With:

Prices: Initial One Hour Consulation: $30, Each Additional Hour $50. Unlimited Emails Per Month $10 (Payment is made by check during the consultation)